Education, Service, and Leadership are the three defining values of DFW Champion Youth and the foundation that we hope to instill in our students. We believe that these are the pillars of a successful student and individual. We aim to reach those that are not favored, disproportionately let-down, and ultimately cast-out as “not being smart enough”. We aim to reach those that because of consistent negative reinforcement by a “rank system”, and competitive academic environments see themselves as useless, or with no futures. At the same time, we aim to reach those that have the drive and motivation to continue their education to the maximum level but see no viable options of getting there. These obstacles can come in the form of a language barrier, socioeconomically instituted culture, ethnic/cultural restrictions, or lack of clear and tailored guidance.

Service teaches the value of contributing to the community you come from. By showing the importance of giving back we teach students that the only way to make the world a better place is if we collectively do something to improve it. This is done by exposing our students to a variety of volunteer opportunities, internships, and events here in the DFW area. Not only that, but we expect them to participate in Civic Activism and Civic Involvement throughout their time with us. Service goes beyond just volunteering at the FoodBank but instead is a way of looking at life, and how you treat the people around you. A service-minded mentality is one that will reap more than just a collection of service hours, but life-long rewards and connections.

Leadership is a vital skill for high school, college, the workforce, and beyond. By challenging our students to grow in these areas we hope to create a new

generation of promising leaders. This is done by creating opportunities for our students to practice their leadership skills inside of DFW Champion Youth, and in the DFW community. Our grade-level curriculum and progression plan have integrated leadership roles that our students can have as they mature both academically but in their career pursuits. Not every student is interested in having a position of leadership with a title or in the spotlight, and that is okay. We stress the importance of recognizing that leadership is not a title, but rather embracing a servant mentality and understanding something bigger than oneself.

Education unlocks doors that nothing else can, and by filling in the gaps we hope to be the stepping stone between high school and a pathway towards a

Higher Education. Here at DFW Champion Youth, we aim to meet this essential need by providing year-round SAT Prep, High School Course Tutoring, and Review, a comprehensive review of Standardized Tests such as Advanced Placement, Dual-Credit, International Baccalaureate, and an emphasis on taking the right academic path towards your career and collegiate goals.


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